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Child Photography Policy


Captured in Music welcomes positive publicity and there are many occasions on which it is a good thing to make use of photographs and video images that may include children and young people. This is perfectly proper and should be encouraged. However, Captured in Music will do all it can to ensure that images are used properly, to always establish the right balance between the proper use of technology and the safety of children and young people.

Captured in Music recognise that photographs must be used in a responsible way. We respect the children’s rights of privacy, and we are very aware of any potential safeguarding and child protection issues. The aim of Captured in Music’s policy is to minimise the risks in relation to the use of photographs in our publicity materials, on our website, in local newspapers, social media, and on publicity boards. To this end all parents will receive a copy of the policy and parental consent (Appendix1) will be secured for the use of photographs and filming.

Data Protection Act

Photographs and video images of child participants in our events at Captured in Music are classed as personal data under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1988. Therefore, using such images for publicity purposes will require the consent of the child’s legal guardian. This means that without the consent, images of children on websites, in publications or in a public place may not be displayed.


The implementation of the policy is the responsibility of all members of Captured in Music. The child protection lead will manage the data regarding children without consent. Captured in Music’s website administrator is responsible for updating the website photographs. Captured in Music’s publicity lead is responsible for updating the publicity materials.  The child protection lead will maintain a “Photo Consent Folder” to be updated annually.

General Principle of Photography and Video Recording

All pictures taken will be appropriate and will show children and young people properly clothed for the activity they are engaged in.

Child and Young People Images in Captured in Music Publicity Material

  • If a child is named – no photograph will be used.
  • If an individual photograph is used – no name shall be given.
  • Only images of children suitably dressed will be used.
  • No image of a child subject to a court order will be used.
  • Images will be stored securely and used only by those authorised to do so.
  • From the date of this policy photographs of children attending past events will only be used if consent was given at the time of the photograph was taken.


  • Consent will be obtained for such cases.
  • Only appropriate images will be used on Captured in Music internet site.
  • Care shall be taken to ensure that a file name of a photograph does not identify a child.


  • For all photographs, names will only be supplied if prior permission has been obtained on the consent form.
  • Please note that some newspapers will refuse to publish photographs without a name and as such children may need to be omitted from these photographs (if permission is not given).

Photography & Filming at Events

  • Parents or any other spectator will be required to inform Captured in Music if they wish to use photographic equipment.
  • If an appointed photographer is used:
  • A clear brief on appropriate content and behaviour will be provided.
  • Identification will be always worn.
  • Parents will be informed that a photographer will be in attendance.
  • There will be no unsupervised access to children in one-to-one filming.
  • No photographs or filming will be allowed outside the realms of the event.

Captured in Music Archive

Captured in Music maintains an archive of old photographs. These photographs are not for general circulation but may form part of future publicity. These may be viewed by parents on request.


This policy will be monitored by all members of Captured in Music and revised as appropriate. Any incidents of concern relating to this policy should be referred to Captured in Music’s child protection lead.

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