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June Play Day – Culford


Enjoying the sunshine in the beautiful grounds of Culford School

We held our most recent Play Day on a glorious sunny day in June. Breaks were taken in either the stunning surroundings of the senior common room or outside for some welcome fresh air. We all posed for a photo, taken by our wonderful photographer, Phil, in the grounds just outside the school. Also, making its debut appearance with its creator, is an oil painting which we commissioned our friend, Maria Linkin to paint. Maria is a musician who has attended many of our events and also a talented local artist. We plan to use her design for future marketing materials and merchandise and with the many hand painted instruments depicted in the stave we think she has made a great job of encapsulating the the ethos of Captured in Music.

So what about the music? We tackled a variety of pieces, concentrating on three pieces in particular to play to family and friends at the end of the day. Probably the most challenging was ‘Disney at the Movies’ arranged by John Higgins. Our musicians worked extremely hard to meet Tom’s exacting standards and I think everyone would agree that they achieved a fantastic result. Our other two pieces were: an excellent arrangement of ‘You Raise Me Up’ by Bert Appermont featuring solos by the alto saxes, euphoniums and cornets, all of whom rose to the challenge admirably and an arrangement of ‘Shotgun’ by F Ceunen in which the band got a chance to let their hair down! We also treated the audience to an ‘open rehearsal’ of Johan de May’s ‘Moment for Morricone’ so that they could get a flavour of what their friends and family in the band experienced to enable them to produce the finished result.

Full Band Rehearsals

Captured in Music